Frequently Asked Questions

What are your minimums?

We really don’t have any; we will quote and make any amount you want.

Are CAD generated samples adequate for testing?

Not really.  CAD generated samples are good for sizing, but not for performance issues.  When testing for performance, you should request machine-made samples.

Can we get product sooner than the standard 5-day lead time?

Absolutely, but it always depends on what the item is and the machine loading at the time.  We can get product in a couple of days, or even same day if the quantity is small.

What should we expect on quote turn around?

Same day, and within hours, even when tooling is involved.

Do we make Gaylords?

Yes, and stitched or glued cost the same for large Gaylord type product. 


Do I need to purchase a cutting die for 5 Panel Folders or One Piece Folders?

No.  As long as the overall size of the 5PF or OPF is at least 23 x 26, we do not require a cutting die to make it.

Does an RSC serve most packaging needs?

Yes. While an RSC is usually the most cost effective solution, it is not always the best one.   Sometimes a Telescoping HSC, 5PF or OPF are better suited.  Please have a look at our products page to review some of the more common products we make or consult your sales representative for more information about what is right for you.

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